Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, not much has been going on. We are all so busy right now! The girls and I sit at home all day and then as soon as Nathan gets home we are off to the gym. I hate that I don't get much time with Nathan but we both understand that I really need the gym. I feel like I am doing so good and I am terrified to give that up. In 7 months I have lost 44 pounds. I still have a long way to go but I am loving it. You can see a difference in my face. I actually have cheek bones that you can see now. Also, all of my pants are too big and my shirts aren't as tight to my stomach or my chest anymore. It is so great!! Colvert has made the swim team at the YMCA and that has been so great for him. He loves it and he belongs in the water. He does his swimming from 5-6:30 and then at 7 after my swim class, he joins me to swim a few more laps on Monday and Wednesday. He is so great! Nathan just has work right now. But after work on Tuesday's on Thursdays when the girls are at the gym with me, he has been trying really hard to run. He is doing so great. I have actually started to see a difference in the way his clothes fit too. I think Nathan is getting very frustrated with me because I don't let him eat all the time like we both used to. I am making him watch his portions just like I am. I don't let him dish his own plate anymore so there isn't as much for him to eat. Plus, I don't make as much anymore so he isn't allowed seconds because whatever is left has to be kept for him to take to work. Sounds mean but it is the only way I can get him to watch what he is eating. Most of the time he tells me thank you and is grateful for it but we all have our days that we just want to be left alone to do what we want. And for him, doing what he wants, is girls are fantastic. Rianne is turning 4 on the 14th and I just can't believe it. She is growing up so fast. She really wanted to start school this year but because her birthdays are in November she misses the deadlines. She was pretty bummed out about that. Her and Bailey are stuck together like glue though. I don't know what Bailey would have done if Rianne was gone all day. They are so fun to be around! I hear Rianne saying "Bailey your my best friend". It is so unbelievably cute. Bailey is now 2 1/2 and she is so big. She is literally 3/4 inches shorter and about 1/4 pound less than Rianne. They are 17 months apart and people up her ask if they are twins because Bailey is as big as Rianne. We are having problems with Bailey talking. She says the normal "no, mine, milk, food, mama, dadda" but beyond those we cannot get her to talk. It is so frustrating not knowing what she wants. We have been working with Colvert and Rianne on not talking for her and they have been doing great at it but Bailey still just doesn't talk. Anyway...our family is doing great! I am going to post our new family and individual pictures although most of you have already seen them on face book.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer 2010

I can't believe April was my last post. Sorry it took so long to get this one on. So I will start almost where I left off. Here is a little bit of everything that has happened since the kids' birthdays. First was Colvert's kindergarten graduation. I couldn't get very good pictures so here is the best one I got before the ceremony. Colvert is the second one in from the left in the middle row. I kept motioning for Colvert to move the hat up off his eyes but he didn't understand me.
Here he is with the principal getting his diploma.
He was so excited that they got cake and juice after wards.
Colvert and his teacher Mrs. Rohall
These next few were taken at Grandpa Ken's house, the week before we went to Colorado.
Nathan, Colvert and Rianne went fishing at Oneida with Grandpa Ken and Uncle Kasey's family.
Rianne's fish was big enough to keep but Colvert's wasn't and he wasn't too happy about daddy keeping Rianne's and not his.
Mom and dad took our kids for a week again this summer and Nathan and I got a chance to go to an archery shoot. It was the first one that I have ever done. It was such a blast until my bow broke and then I spranged my ankle. But it was so nice to have that time with Nathan.

The other couple that we were shooting with was nice enough to get a picture of us together. We haven't gotten one of those in a while.
So this is us drawing our bows back. Apparently it makes a cool picture, so Nathan wish we had some pictures from our 4th of July Firecracker shoot. We were able to find a babysitter to take the kids on Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd and 4th, so we could go to that shoot as well. No one got hurt and no bows broke and I came home with the 3rd place trophy in my class of women for the second day of the tournament. I was actually tied for 3 rd the first day and had to compete in a shoot off. The other lady and I were so close. She won by just about 1/8 of an inch. It was soooo close but I had so much fun. The trophy would have just been a bonus for another awesome weekend that I got with my hubby!!
When it started getting hot this summer the kids and myself got the pool all washed and cleaned up and when Nathan got home we started filling it up and the kids had a hay day in the water. We swam in it a couple days later again but unfortunately it only lasted 2 more days. It kept losing too much water. We couldn't afford to keep filling it with water so we had to throw it away. It had at least 7 little holes and one medium sized one, so it really wasn't savable. But the kids had a blast the 2 times they got to play in it.
So this last weekend Nathan came up to me at 730 at night and said let's go camping. After telling him no twice we agreed to go. We threw a bunch of stuff in the van and took off. We got up to camp at 1030, it was completely dark so we had to break out the lantern and leave the car lights on just to set up the tent that we couldn't find directions to and that we had only set up once before. It was very interesting but it was a great weekend with my family.
The kids were playing with the mitts and it was so cute. Colvert has his own and the girls use Nathan and I's (way too big of course). I think that we are going to have two south paw girls though. Rianne refused to put the mitt on her left hand because she said she had to throw the ball with that hand. Now I don't know if Bailey was just mimicking what Rianne was doing be she always had the mitt on her right hand as well.
I don't know what kid gets as dirty as Bailey. She was a mess the whole time!! But it was super cute.
Now isn't she just SOOOOO cute??

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bailey's 2nd Birthday

Here is Bailey's cake with Cinderella.
Had to help Bailey blow out her candle but it was so cute to watch her try.
Bailey's loot consisted of 2 pair of pants, one skirt, one pair of shorts, 3 shirts, one pair of pajamas, 2 magnetic silly faces books, a poppin' pals toy, a sort and spin blender and a Dora backpack. She loves Dora so of course she opened the backpack last and the second she saw what it was it went right onto her back.